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Interleague sets up World Series Rematches for Yankees

  The Yankees are right in the middle of their interleague games this season, and are heading west to play the D-backs and Dodgers, two former World Series opponents. Their last two series have been against the Mets and Phillies who were also in the World Series against the Bombers. The Phillies and Yanks faced off last October, ...

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The NY Post Loves Talking Shit


If you are a baseball fan New York is a great place to be. We’ve got two teams to watch, a million channels to watch them on, and a million places to read about them. One of the more trashier places to read about them is in the NY Post. Personally, I read the post everyday, ...

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A Quick Look at the Phillies Roster

Earlier today I wrote a post about the Yankees and their roster breakdown and now I want to go through and take a quick look at the Phillies roster and how it has been constructed. Here is the Phillies’ roster and how it has been constructed: Draft picks (6): Cole Hamels, JA Happ, Ryan Madson, Ryan Howard, ...

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Phillies Win the Pennant


The Philadelphia Phillies beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 10-4 in game five of the NLCS to win the NL Pennant and they will play the winner of the ALCS (Yankees up 3-1) in the World Series. If the Yankees are the team that eventually goes on to play them they’ll have their hands quite full. The ...

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