Randy Winn

The Yankees officially announced the signing of outfielder Randy Winn yesterday and it was a $1.1 million base salary plus incentives instead of the $2 million deal that had been reported since his signing. When Winn initially signed the deal and it was believed to be in the $2 million […]

Randy Winn's Left Handed Contract

Last week, the Yankees simultaneously added outfield depth and shut the door on Johnny Damon by signing the 36 year-old Randy Winn to a one-year, $2 million deal. Prior to signing Winn, the Yankees had been linked to Rocco Baldelli, Jim Edmonds, Jermaine Dye and Reed Johnson, who signed with […]

Winning With Winn

Since the Yankees signed outfielder Randy Winn there has been some confusion involved as many have tabbed him as theh replacement for Johnny Damon. While it might be true that Winn’s signing was the end of Damon’s tenure in the Bronx, he will not be his replacement. Realistically, Curtis Granderson […]

Girardi Sees Winn as Backup for Yankees

Before the offseason got too far in, I identified two outfield options I liked for the Yankees’ bench: Eric Hinske and Reed Johnson.  The reason I liked both players was for their bats; Hinske has a lot of power off the bench and Johnson hits lefties well. As everyone knows […]

Winn Signing Is About Versatility