Reed Johnson

The Yankees officially announced the signing of outfielder Randy Winn yesterday and it was a $1.1 million base salary plus incentives instead of the $2 million deal that had been reported since his signing. When Winn initially signed the deal and it was believed to be in the $2 million […]

Randy Winn's Left Handed Contract

The last time our old friend Matt Imbrogno did this, it was pretty popular. But since then a few things have changed with the Yankees, the biggest was the loss of outfielder Melky Cabrera. Matt also used CHONE to run these projections. I don’t like CHONE, they routinely overrate everyone, […]

Another Yankees 2010 Lineup Projection

Brian Cashman has repeatedly said that the Yankees will not sign an expensive outfielder to fill the void in left field. He also said that the organization is comfortable with using Brett Gardner as a starting outfielder. The Yankees probably have one more spot open on the roster for an […]

Bargain Hunting for Outfielders

According to Buster Olney of ESPN, the Yankees never made an official offer to super-sub Jerry Hairston Jr, who appears to be headed to San Diego. This is interesting because Hairston was definitely on their shortlist for bench candidates and if they didn’t offer him a contract than that means […]

Yankees Made No Offer to Hairston

In a previous post, I discussed Johnny Damon‘s relative value and suggested that perhaps the Yankees should let him go.  Of course, a quick scour of the outfield and DH options available via free agency though shows that there is little out there. The great thing about corner outfielders and […]

Outfield/DH Idea: Build a Platoon