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Derek Jeter reaches the end, but gives lessons in life and baseball


Everyone in their life remembers their first baseball trinket. It could have been a signed baseball by your favorite player, it could have been a baseball glove or it could have been the chance to meet your childhood hero. Mine was simply a Yankees t-shirt. I remember my father gave me an over sized t-shirt when I ...

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Despite troubles, Yankees could still find a way to win AL East

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The Yankees have played mediocre baseball throughout the first half of the season, but they have one thing going for them as they prepare for the second half of the season: The entire American League East has flaws. The Baltimore Orioles don't have a true ace in their rotation, the Toronto Blue Jays are missing ...

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Would the Yankees been better off with Cano and Granderson?


We all know the story of the 2013 off season: Robinson Cano left the Yankees to go to the Seattle Mariners for a 10-year contract and Curtis Granderson went crosstown to the New York Mets. To try to compensate their loss, the Yankees signed Carlos Beltran, Brian McCann and Jacoby Ellsbury. Well, we're almost in ...

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Asking if Yankees miss Cano is “not a fair question”

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Fans by now are aware of the most recent chapter of Robinson Cano's story: he left the Yankees for more money with the Seattle Mariners and the Yankees are now without a power hitting second basemen. So, does Robinson Cano believe the Yankees miss him? “I don’t know,” Cano said. “You have to ask them that question.” Okay...so Joe Girardi, ...

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Cano and Mariners back for one night only

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Robinson Cano and the Seattle Mariners seem to have some unfinished business with the New York Yankees as they come into town for one night only to finish a three game series that started in April. The Yankees had lost the first two games of the series and they plan on trying to salvage the final ...

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Robertson a one inning pitcher–for now

David Robertson 7

During yesterday's game, it would have made sense to have David Robertson come on the mound for the four out save, territory that former closer Mariano Rivera had seen before. However, eyebrows were raised and minds were muddled when Joe Girardi bought out Shawn Kelley to face Albert Pujols, a day after Kelley threw 30 pitches ...

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Rivera prefers Pedroia over Cano in new book


No one was expecting Mariano Rivera to release a book right after retiring from baseball, but hey--free time on your hands usually results to awesome things right away. The book was published today, but there was something interesting in the book that caught everyone's attention: if Rivera had to pick between Dustin Pedroia or Robinson ...

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Girardi and Jeter react to Cano’s reception in the Bronx

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Last night, Robinson Cano made his return to Yankee Stadium as a member of the Seattle Mariners--and let's just say like the weather, the reception for him was the same: chilly. There were boos that lasted throughout Cano's at-bats, there were "You sold out" chants and the boos only got louder when Cano hustled to ...

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