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Source: Yankees deal Cano a limited time offer

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The New York Yankees are going to talk to Robinson Cano's agents on Monday to inform him that they're going to keep the offer they proposed to Cano on the table for a limited time, reports ESPN New York. Although the Yankees would like for Robinson Cano to stay, they already signed catcher Brian McCann ...

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What the Rangers trade could mean for the ‘Cano Sweepstakes’

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If you haven't heard about it, last night the Texas Rangers and the Detroit Tigers made the blockbuster trade of the offseason, sending second basemen Ian Kinsler to the Tigers and Prince Fielder to the Rangers. Since it's two other teams that weren't the New York Yankees, you'd think what is the point of mentioning ...

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Cano’s agents have dinner with New York Mets

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I'm a little late to the party but as the saying goes, "better late than never", right? Anyway, according to sources Robinson Cano's agent (Jay-Z) had dinner with Jeff Wilpon and Sandy Alderson, the GM and manager of the New York Mets. Cano was not there for the meeting but it seemed at the time that the ...

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Show Cano the money! He still wants $300 Million!

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The last time we checked in on the "Robinson Cano contract saga", Cano wanted $305 Million. Today we check in on the "Robinson Cano contract saga" and Cano wants...$310 Million. Yep, not much of a change from last month. According to John Harper of the New York Daily News, a person close to Cano says that Cano ...

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Five questions the Yankees need to answer this offseason

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Now that the GM meetings are over and baseball anticipates the Winter Meetings next month, it's time to take a look at some of the questions the Yankees need to answer in order to piece together their team for the 2014 season. 1. Will Robinson Cano re-sign with the Yankees?: Robinson Cano is the Yankees main priority ...

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Yankees meet with agents for Beltran, Choo, Ellsbury, McCann and Drew

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Pretty much at the beginning of the offseason, every team likes to call the agents of the players and show that they have interest. Well today the Yankees did just that, meeting with the agents of Carlos Beltran, Shin-Soo Choo, Jacoby Ellsbury, Brian McCann and Stephen Drew. The Yankees have interest in the biggest names on ...

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Report: MLB execs not willing to give Cano huge contract

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Robinson Cano may be the biggest name on the market, but he might not be worthy of the biggest offseason contract. According to The Daily News, an informal survey was conducted among the executives, and the results were no owner would pay Robinson Cano at the price he's asking for. It could end up that ...

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Cano, Kuroda and Granderson decline qualifying offers

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It wasn't much of a shocker but all 13 MLB players that were offered a qualifying offer, declined them today. Three New York Yankees players were among the 13 players to decline their offers: Robinson Cano, Curtis Granderson and Hiroki Kuroda. The only player that it could have seemed possible out of the three to take ...

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