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MLB All-Star Game: What My Ballot Looks Like

Based on early voting it seems like it could the Yankees vs. the NL All-Stars. Yankees fans vote and vote often it seems like. The bottom line though is that the All-Star voting is more of a popularity contest than a true telling of who the best players are. So I decided to take my ballot ...

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Roy Halladay and Don Larsen: 2 Totally Different Pitchers Forever Linked

Roy Halladay and Don Larsen are two pitchers who couldn't be more different, but after Halladay tossed his no-hitter against last night the two will forever be linked. Last night was Halladay's first ever playoff appearance. The fact that it took him 13 seasons to get that far has nothing to do with his abilities ...

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Blue Jays Want Montero in Halladay Deal


What I’ve feared most has finally become reality. According to Joel Sherman, the Yankees remain in the hunt for Roy Halladay “because the Blue Jays covet prospect Jesus Montero.” If you’ve been following, I’ve been saying all along that I’d approve a deal for Halladay under two conditions. The Yankees keep Montero. The Yankees deal either ...

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Dealing For Halladay Could Mean Bidding War for Mauer


Probably for the past year or two fans have been looking toward the 2010/11 offseason when Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer would become a free agent. Some salavated over the possibility of adding Mauer, some cringed at the possible price tag, a few Yankees fans shrugged it off. The fans in the final group didn't shrug ...

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Getting Halladay Means Losing More Prospects, But Maybe a 2010 Championship


According to Joel Sherman of the NY Post, just because the Yankees dealt Austin Jackson away for Curtis Granderson it will not be changing their desire for Blue Jay's ace Roy Halladay. From Sherman: Major league officials described Toronto as intensifying efforts to trade its ace at the Winter Meetings, though the expectation is that a deal ...

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Answering the Tough Questions About the Yanks’ Offseason

George A. King III wrote a story on all the buzz surrounding the Yankees this offseason at the Winter Meetings early this morning. And he’s very correct. He listed several hypothetical questions that needed answering, so I decided to weigh in. Are they getting Roy Halladay? I say yes. There’s a reason why every non-Yankee fan in ...

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Yankees Going to Bid on Roy Halladay


So the Yankees finished up their pre-Winter Meetings meeting yesterday and afterwards they announced that not only were they going to trim payroll, but they were going to bid on Roy Halladay according to Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated. I don't know how they're going to do that either. Heyman also reminds us that in exchange ...

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They're Going to Cost You

Last offseason was exciting, the Yankees wanted CC Sabathia and AJ Burnett, they identified it, and we watched. Then before you knew it they had Mark Teixeira as well. This offseason has been different. There has been no clear cut guy the Yankees are targeting. A few guys like John Lackey, Rafael Soriano, and Mike Cameron ...

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