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A Seinfeld-Themed Look at the 2013 MLB Season


“You want to talk about hotels, or you want to win some baseball games?” George Costanza asked a youthful Derek Jeter and Bernie Williams in wake of the Yankees’ 1996 World Series win. “That is one magic loogie,” exclaimed Jerry as he discounted the inaccurate story of Keith Hernandez spitting on Kramer and Newman. “You know, George, ...

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Across the AL: The effects of Red Sox injuries

Red Sox pitching staff

The fracture sustained by Curtis Granderson in his first at-bat of the spring is certainly a huge blow to a Yankee offense that, according to Joe Girardi, already had to “find different ways to score runs.”  While no team likes to see its players get injured, it can be argued that if an injury is going ...

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Yankees were modest winners at the trade deadline

The Yankees don't look too good right now. Last night's win snapped a four-game losing streak, they dropped nine of 12 before that, but thanks to the moves Brian Cashman made at the trade deadline fans should expect that to turn around soon. First of all, fans need to realize that this was a damn good ...

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Ryan Dempster traded to the Rangers

The Yankees failed to trade for Cubs starter Ryan Dempster at the trade deadline as he will instead be headed to Texas, according to Buster Olney of ESPN. There are a number of reasons to be happy about this as a Yankee fan. For one, the current rotation is fine. Freddy Garcia has done an acceptable ...

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Rumor: Dempster would not veto trade to Yankees

Ryan Dempster to the Yankees seems like it could be gaining steam and the biggest hurdle involved might be his no trade rights as a 10-5 player especially since he's already nixed one deal this offseason. However, Jon Heyman of CBS Sports has reported that Dempster has already told the Cubs that he would agree to ...

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Rumor: Yankees and Cubs in “heavy discussions” about Dempster

It looks possible that the Yankees may end up making a big splash at the trade deadline after all as Bob Nightengale of the USA Today has reported that they are engaged in heavy disussions with the Cubs about Ryan Dempster. A few other sources have dumped cold water on this possibility, but as Joel Sherman ...

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Trade Rumor: Yankees have stepped up pursuit of Dempster

Aside from landing Ichiro Suzuki in a deal last week, the Yankees have been relatively quite around this trade deadline. However with the deadline just a few hours away it appears that they have stepped up their pursuit of Cubs starter Ryan Dempster, according to David Kaplan of CSNChicago.com. Kaplan included the Yankees as one of ...

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Trade Rumors: Yankees like Garza but likely to pass on others

There are a few big name starting pitchers on the trade market, but aside from Cole Hamels, whom the Yankees like but find cost prohibitive, the only option they seem to be considering is Matt Garza. One big name out there is Zack Greinke, but the Yankees have been wary of his personality fitting in the ...

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