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Yankees are excellent at developing pitchers

Over the years the Yankees have received endless criticism for their development of pitchers. This criticism is based on the assumption that other teams are better at it, and that they fail to develop as many pitchers as other teams. Looking at the 150 starting pitchers in the MLB today paints a different picture. The ...

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Yankees Trade Rumors: Lilly Staying Put

Yesterday I passed along a story that the Yankees had won a waiver claim for Ted Lilly and may have been pursuing him even though the trade deadline had passed. Later on in the day though Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports reported that Lilly was interested in signing an extension with and staying in Los ...

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Yankees Trade Rumors: They Tried to Acquire Ted Lilly, Might Still Be Trying

According to Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated, when the Dodgers put Ted Lilly on waivers leading up to the trade deadline the Yankees made and won the claim for the pitcher. Then the Dodgers pulled him off of waivers and no deal was made. Now, according to the NY Daily News, the Yankees may ...

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