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Is Stephen Drew the (new) answer to shortstop


J.J. Hardy was probably the most logical fit for the Yankees, which would have meant Stephen Drew wouldn't of had a snowballs chance to be considered for the shortstop position next season. However, plans do change. The Baltimore Orioles signed Hardy to a three-year, $40 Million deal with an option for 2018 and in a thin ...

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So, who plays shortstop?


When the Yankees come into Spring Training this February, there will be one player who won't be there for the first time in 20 seasons: Derek Jeter. That means the Yankees no longer have a shortstop unless they decide to plug in Brendan Ryan for all 162 games, which would never happen because Ryan can't ...

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Troy Tulowitzki’s New Contract and Derek Jeter

Yesterday Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki signed an extension that will keep him in Colorado for the next 10 years at $157.75 million. Here is how the deal breaks down. Tulowitzki is owed $23.75 million over the next three years, his $15 million 2014 option will be picked up, and on top of that they are ...

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