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Yankee Stadium to open their gates at 4 p.m. for Jeter home finale

Yankee Stadium 4

Despite the rain in the New York City area, the New York Yankees announced they are going to open the Yankee Stadium gates at 4 p.m. for Derek Jeter's home finale. Major League Baseball is monitoring the situation and they'll make a decision on the game as time goes on. The game is expected to be ...

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Yankees announce new menu items at the ballpark

Yankee Stadium 3

Not only did the New York Yankees revamp their team for the 2014 season but Yankee Stadium revamped their menu at the ballpark! Yankee Stadium included new menu choices to go along with their popular choices such as their famous garlic fries and hot dogs. Here are some of the new menu items and where you ...

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The Slow Disappearance of the House that Ruth Built

WCBS880.com has been updating it's Yankee page with pictures of the slow demolition of the old Yankee Stadium. See the photos here. It really is sad to look through these pictures, I wish it were possible to just knock it all down at once.

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No Yankee Stadium Winter Classic in 2011

According to Andrew Gross of the Bergin Record, the Yankees will not be hosting the 2011 NHL Winter Classic at Yankee Stadium because of scheduled bowl games between Christmas and New Year's day. From the Bergin Record: In September, the Yankees announced a new college football bowl to be played between Christmas and New Year’s Day. But ...

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