Yogi Berra

“Baseball is 90 percent mental, the other half is physical” Those words, along with many other famous YOGIisms, were muttered at some point during the career and life of former Yankees catcher, Yogi Berra. But today is a day of celebration as Berra, a 18-time All-Star and three-time MVP, celebrates […]

Happy 90th Birthday, Yogi Berra!

  The Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center, which opened in 1998 to include exhibits of the 13-time World Series catcher Yogi Berra, was robbed early this morning, the New York Daily News reported. The break-in, which was described by authorities as “a team of professionals”, entered the museum, located on Montclaire […]

Yogi Berra Museum robbed, memorabilia stolen

Old Timers Day is always a fun event, it’s where the players that had an impact on Yankees history gather to play an innocent ball game. Goose Gossage was honored with a plaque in Monument Park, the old timers got some at-bats in, Hideki Matsui pitched and there were some laughs. […]

Highlights from 2014 Old Timers Day

yankees-old-timers-day 1
Three big time Yankees are making their Old Timer’s Day debut: Bernie Williams, Joe Torre and Lou Piniella. Gene Monathan is throwing out the first pitch. I’m most looking forward to Strawberry and Fielder of course. They are two favorites of mine. Who are you most looking forward to? Former […]

Yankees 2011 Old Timer’s Day Roster